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I was asked after I went bankrupt in 1998: what was next. My reply was: I’m gone farm. The very same thing that took me to my knees was the same thing I would do again. Was it easy? Why NO. What it was, was humbling. And, keep in mind, all sickness is not death. I remember a neighboring farmer making the comment, “How can you farm? You don’t even have a tractor.” So I rented one. Smart ass never said anything else.

I operated on a cash, hand to mouth system. Crop insurance? Negative. I couldn’t afford it . But, I made it. The reward was never the money but watching the seed grow. Just the chance to go again, year after year . Most people think us farmers are crazy. Truth be known, we think you crazy as hell when you pass our tractor on a two lane road!

Back to the story. You have any idea how many times I’ve been told no? No, you can’t do that. Go get a job, a real job. So, I asked my Dad to co-sign with me for operating capital. Also, I asked a friend, who was a farmer, for help. I had nothing to offer him but my willingness to work. I retired my pride and got moving!! That’s been several years ago now. Me and that same farmer still work together. I also have a beginning farmer that helps me for the use of my equipment. So I say, with God anything is possible, but, you have to BELIEVE. Til next time.